Rumor has it Nike Foamposite One Red/Black will release in near future

Hey Sneakerheads,

Arguably one of the most popular sneakers of the year, Foamposites have taken over the shoe game. We have been hearing a lot of talk about a release of a Red/Black Nike Foamposite One for a while now, not much has surfaced in terms of concrete info, up until now. Though we still do not have an exact release date, VMV Inc, a reputable web store, has listed the sneaker as “coming soon” and they have also posted the sneaker’s style number, 314996-600. This may not be the exact information that we have all been waiting for but, it is something and it seems we are getting closer to a full confirmation.
Who else is excited about these shoes? Do you think these might be the
hottest pair of foams? Share your thoughts with the #GreenLight team..

*Once we hear any more info on shoes, i will be posting it!
– $ky Hugga

  1. saturday i will spend that $200 on u incha allah

  2. i luv those

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